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Meet the new girls !

Meet the new girls on the block…… arn’t they just gorgeous ! They need a loving home – as hard as it is to part with them.. they are available for purchase at my made it store – serendity designs ( )

One of a kind….. lovely gift or a special little something for your little cherub !

Meet Isabella, charlotte, Olivia and Polanna


Op shop goodies

I have never done the whole op shop thing… but visited two recently and will be back for sure. I found some sewing pattern – unused with the instructions for 20 cents each ! They are a little old but if you look past the fabric used in the diagrams and look at the style, they are definately all useable.

And then I got this little piece of vintage fabric with flowers and then these great handles – both for 50 cents !

Paper piecing – mastered…. well almost !

I have really enjoyed making Mollie’s blocks from the red and aqua bee this month. At first when I saw her practice block on flickr, I thought how am I going to do it. All those exact and precise angles, and points….. and paper piecing I have not done much of. Anyway with a few hours up my sleeve yesterday I tackled it and produced a perfect block.

10 point laced star

Red and aqua bee

Full of confidence I started the second block….. so keen…. so eager. And oopps, half of it is upside down ! Bugger !

red and aqua bee

10 point laced star10 point laced star

We live and learn …. unfortunately I had no extra fabric so I couldn’t make an extra ‘half’. However as I explained to mollie, all she needs to do is make another half back to front to go with my back to front half and you could never tell the difference ! The morale to the story….. check twice sew once !

Stitching away

Over the last couple of days I have gotten out a long overdue WIP . I bought a kit  when I was pregnant in 2008/2009 and it is called ‘Nice people, nice things’ by Helen stubbings. It is a beautiful stitchery quilt as you go that has some gorgeous pictures and lovely sayings. Anyway I was meant to make it for my sisters 30th birthday in december 2009 and only make the quilt one sided ( it is double sided) and then use the other half for myself so that we would have matching quilts. Anyway………. the plan was to do a block a week and I could have had it finished for her birthday. Little did I know how much time a new born takes up ! I have gotten it out and have completed almost 3 blocks in the last 2 days while sitting on the couch and watching tv.

Quilting bee blocks

Have been very busy today and have completed my bee blocks for July. Candi from the bee in my bonnet sent a range of orange/yellow  and blue/green fabrics and wanted a 90 degree inspired block – no circles or triangles. See my interpretation below :

Funky bloom – cards

Had a bit of time to whip these goodies up today – I have not had a chance to  make cards in ages !!! I really enjoyed spending the time working with the bright gorgeous colours.

These are for sale in my made it store – serendipity design

Bold funky colours, simple messages – all blank on the inside to write your own greeting – check them ou

Finished !!!

Have had a few days of celebrating the finish of the book and CD ROM and hence have just been relaxing and not doing anything . Mum arrived on Sunday and as been looking after us. I got my plaster taken off today, and my leg is in boot which is believe it or not actually worse as I can’t weight bare. Have made a few greeting cards to replenish my own personal stock and had made callum an owl for his first birthday, which I forgot to photo before I gave it away.

Apart from this I made Susan the following blocks for her July month in the live laugh bee

Squares and triangle's block with applique

A log cabin inspired block

Hopefully I can get onto something productive in the next few days like my quilt for the lounge room or clothes for Miss I…. so stay tuned !

Almost done……..

It’s as if I can see the finish line………. smell the finish line………. so close to finishing but i just need to find that last little bit of energy to get there. 5 Assessment tasks to write for the CD ROM and then I am DONE !!!!

Then I can sew everyday to my little heart is content….. just got to write these last few tasks !

Andrew and Belinda have just spent the last 5 days with us………… m is at home until thursay and mum arrives again on sunday to help look after us. Still on crutches, still in plaster and can’t do much with miss I. Better stop procrastinating and write these tasks so next post I can have plenty of sewing to show off !

Not much sewing

Not much sewing is happening, I have been mainly working on my CD ROM for the book. It is taking forever but Mum is now down to help with my leg and hence I have been able to get a far bit done on the CD and make headway. I did have a little break today and manage to complete the june blocks for Donna for the red and aqua bee. She requested a wonky log cabin. I did one block with random colours and the other block I worked on a colour tonal palate. See the blocks below:

Sooooooooo excited !!!

I forgot to mention in my last post that I had sold another of my skipping ropes in my ‘made it’ store. Anyway the lady who bought it runs a shop online and has requested that I make 4 more for her shop !!! So this could be the start of something new and exciting…. who knows where this may go. I guess it just goes to show how important it is that I keep the store updated with new stock as you never know who is looking. Anyway this is the item she bought. Cute hey !!!

Available from my store 'Serendipity designs' at